What is Optimum Health Balance?

Optimum Health Balance (OHB) uses vibrational icons monitored by muscle response to access information from deep within the body. It deals with imbalances on all levels: physical, chemical, emotional, mental and spiritual. As it adopts a holistic approach to healthcare OHB will appeal to those who appreciate the concept of energy medicine.
As a simple analogy, vibrational icons used in Optimum Health Balance may be regarded like the icons on a computer for opening up programmes. Using muscle response, imbalances in the mind/body/spirit system are pin-pointed. Rebalancing generally involves channelling energy through the hands of the therapist or through a healing icon. At the end of the balance the programmes are closed down just as they are using a computer.

2 Day Module

An introduction to the OHB system and the basic icons:

o Introduction
o Body’s Energy System
o Meridians
o 5-Elements
o Polarity
o Chakras
o Icons, Categories & Finger Modes
o Balancing Procedures
o Daily Balance Routines
o Testing & Balancing Routine
o Electromagnetic Stress and Mobile Phone protection
o Expands on the basic balancing routine
o Introduces more treatment techniques such as Attunement, Treatment lock, Emotional Release Technique, General Balance Technique,
Higher Level Balance, Human Laser Technique, Universal Balance,
o Charts for recording information
o Preliminary checks to ensure accuracy of balance
o The Primary Emotional States and their implications
o General category icons- some 60 icons include pain, stress, harmful patterns, geopathic stress, system reset, sinus problems, hyper and hypotonic muscles, allergy, chemical intolerance, histamine imbalance, immune system, parasitic invasion, anxiety, depression, stuck and stored trauma, amongst others.

See http://www.ohb4health.co.uk/training_module01.php for more information.

PRICE  £300.00