Kinesiology combines ancient Chinese medicine with Western techniques and is a natural and very powerful healing modality. It incorporates techniques such as acupressure points, meridian balancing, gentle structural manipulation and massage and vibrational alignment. The therapy involves muscle testing which identifies current stressors to the body/mind through accessing the body’s wisdom with body biofeedback. It works on balancing the person, on a physical, mental and emotional level by identifying the underlying cause. The muscle response identifies where there is an energy imbalance and then gentle yet powerful techniques to restore the natural flow of energy and thereby facilitate self-healing in the body.

Kinesiology can access the stored patterns, issues, traumas in the physical body as all experiences (mental, emotional and physical) are held in the energy field of the body. It can identify the point of stress (underlying cause), and once addressed it helps realign the body to its innate sense of order and healing – almost like going back to restore point in a computer. At this stage, the body can tap into its healing capacity.