One to one Intuitive coaching and or healing sessions (full day and one night)

This includes kinesiology sessions, crystal bed sessions from the John of God centre in Brazil, meditative walk and mediation skills and mentoring either for business or personal. Included are ongoing techniques to stay peaceful and stress-free.

  • Unique opportunity to start the process of transformation
  • Designed to accelerate and elevate you both professionally and personally
  • Increase confidence and proficiency
  • Identify and transform blocks/beliefs/limitations
  • Self-care strategies to maintain and promote your own wellness
  • Ongoing email support
  • Board and lodging included


Purchase your One to one Intuitive coaching and or healing session at £390.00

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Skype Sessions

Personal Development and Intuitive Coaching to explore questions such as:

  • How have I been unconsciously holding myself back from becoming all that I am?
  • What belief systems or fear has kept me from taking the achieving all that I am?
  • What is my highest vision for 2017 that I wish to begin resonating to so I can bring into my experience?
  • How will I create the necessary internal shift in 2017?
  • How can I stop the chatter and distractions that stop me becoming all I can be?

To book a Skype session, please arrange a time via email or phone and then use the ‘Buy Now’ button to purchase. Or you can send a cheque for £80 payable to the address on the contact page.

Purchase your Skype Session for 90 Minutes at £80.00

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