About Dr. Alweena Awan

PhD, B.Ed. Hons, KRFP, IPTI DPA assoc.

My journey

In July 1981 I graduated from P.E College, turned twenty-one and got married all in the same week. A couple of months later I was involved in a car accident, in the middle of the Sahara Desert, resulting in a broken back and neck.

Whilst in the hospital, I had an out of body and near-death experience which has changed my perspective on life forever. Determined not to have an operation to fuse the bones together, I spent the next three months lying completely flat on my back while my spine naturally re-aligned. Next my upper body was put in a cast for six months and I had to wear a neck collar for the following year.

For ten years, I was still in a great deal of pain which was preventing me from doing what I loved most- sports! Eventually, I decided that despite the pain, I was going to start being active again. However, I constantly had to go to a chiropractor to keep the pain at bay.

Suan Lakin, the chiropractor who was also a Kinesilogist, suggested that there was another emotional reason related to the accident, and that Kinesiology could help me. I agreed to try it but all the time laughing to myself at the absurdity of the idea that an emotion could keep me locked in pain.

Via kinesiology we found out that the emotion was a lack of forgiveness of a certain person linked to my accident. I was told that for the pain to subside I would have to forgive. It was very easy and also very difficult at the same time but with the help of kinesiology, and a very long session, I was able to forgive. I walked out that day with 75% of my pain gone!! Why? By forgiving! From this, my journey began and I started training as a Kinesiologist. Currently I am meditating and following the lessons of ‘A Course in Miracles’ and what is the main lesson? ….FORGIVENESS.’

Forgive everyone and everything, especially yourself ….It’s a gift to you. It’s been my greatest lesson in life.