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I AM A  catalyst for others life transformation by holding a space and focusing on awareness and change creation. I WORK  from the heart, creating an empowering and inspirational space that OPENS the mind and heart. What follows is unique to each individual but is authentic, heart centred and personal

I work as an  Intuitive Coach, Personal Mentor, Kinesiologist and Educational Consultant and can help people unlock their full potential and start the process of transformation

I have trained with some of the key figures in modern Kinesiology and subsequently co-developed a form of an advanced energetic kinesiology course called AFP – Attuning to Full Potential. AFP can be learned by practitioners and non-practitioners alike. It is a method which advances the skill of even the most experienced practitioner but can be learned in stages by a complete beginner. It is a valuable tool for personal development and the treatment of a broad range of complex issues 

I am an advocate of the traditional Hawaiian practice of Ho'oponopono. This practice is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, as people continue to explore meditative methods. The principle tenet of Ho'oponopono, which loosely translates “to set things right”, is full personal responsibility for all aspects of one's life. It encourages the practitioner to look inward, to resolve one's conflicts. I teach Ho'oponopono in a circle context where the effect is amplified and most profoundly affects the subconscious – where all our issues are stored. It is designed to be practised by oneself to help 'clear' difficult issues.  Used in combination with AFP the effects are profound for both client and practitioner

I have completed a PhD in Children's Learning and Performance and following this researched therapies which could help with learning and behaviour issues, for adults and children and went on to develop the Child Centre Method  

My experience as an academic, combined with her in-depth learning and development of energetic medicinal practices has been a blessing. I have  successfully treated hundreds of clients with issues ranging from the physical to the mental/emotional and spiritual

Upcoming Workshop

Ho’oponopono Harmonising Circle Introduction Workshop- Dublin Ireland

Date February 12 th  2017

Location: Dublin Ireland 

Cost: €160                      

Contact: Please contact  alweena1@aol.co.uk

Do you want to be the change in 2017 and not just talk about it?

Do you be all that you are and release the blocks?

Do you want to feel in alignment with your purpose?

Do you be the best you can be?


- Clarity of thought

- A feeling of relief 

- Ability to take decisions that move you forward with ease


- You learn the theory of Law of attraction and why it doesn't work all of the time.

- You learn the theory of Ho'oponopono and the simplicity of how it works.

- You  learn ways of  connecting  to your ‘wants’ (heart) and not your ‘shoulds’ (mind) without guilt and blame

- You leave with a simple set of life tools that allow you to start living in an abundant and joyful way

 Ho'oponopono is taught in a circle context where the effect is amplified and most profoundly affects the subconscious where all our issues are stored. In the circle, you will learn how to practice by yourself to help 'clear' difficult issues.  The circle helps to create a vortex of energy, in an amplified container which can cause huge shifts and transformations. The Harmonising Circle is about moving away from old patterns of resistance by clearing the memories that are holding you back via and moving to a new point of attraction - a vortex of creation. The circles help you to practice staying present, congruent, connected and heart centred heart. You feel a deeper presence, connectedness and clarity and learn to take notes when your heart speaks.

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Attuning to Full Potential 1- Dublin Ireland

Date: March 19th 2017

Location: Dublin Ireland 

Cost: €260 (material included)

Contact: Please contact alweena1@aol.co.uk

 A  simple, safe and effective way of energetically helping yourself, family and friends:
*     Learn how to let go and  regain balance;
*     Learn the art of muscle testing to access underlying stress;
*     Clear old programmes, memories and stresses that are blocking your progress;
*     Reconnect with your essential nature and raise your vibrational level.
This is a unique system where you can become your own therapist. It empowers you to work on yourself simply and effectively. Attuning to Full Potential gives you tools that help you release your past so that you can live your present life by seeing your traits, patterns and repeats.
We are full of potential but all sorts of distractions, blockages, sabotages, interferences and resistances hinder us from connecting to our essential nature.
The vibrational AFP icons give access to your body’s files, like a menu, to release blockages and find a new state of balance and attuning to your full potential (AFP). They will help you to connect to joy, centring, connecting to your heart, hydrating your soul and reconnecting with the original intention of your higher self. Learn how to use this simple system to regain balance and harmony via Kinesiology.
Facilitator: Dr Alweena Awan, Kinesiologist and Energetic Healer
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'The AFP workshop is a unique and empowering experience facilitated and delivered from the heart. The process of remembering that which we have forgotten i.e. our true nature is made effortless and done with grace and ease'.