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Dr. Alweena Awan: PhD, B.Ed. Hons, KRFP, IPTI, DPA assoc.


Dr Alweena Awan completed a Phd in Children's Learning and Performance  and following this she researched therapies which could help with learning and behaviour issues, for adults and children. She trained with some of the key figures in modern Kinesiology, i.e., Dr. Charles Krebs and Hugo Tobar, and subsequently made her own important and unique contributors to this developing field. 


Alweena co-developed an advanced energetic kinesiology course called AFP – Attuning to Full Potential. AFP can be learned by practitioners and non practitioners alike. It is a method which advances the skill of even the most experienced practitioner but can be learned in stages by a complete beginner. It is a valuable tool for personal development and for the treatment of a broad range of complex issues. 


She has also become an advocate of the traditional Hawaiian practice of Ho'oponopono. This practice is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, as people continue to explore meditative methods. The principle tenet of Ho'oponopono, which loosely translates “to set things right”, is full personal responsibility for all aspects of one's life. It  encourages the practitioner to look inward, in order to resolve ones conflicts. Alweena teaches Ho'oponopono in a circle context where the effect is amplified and most profoundly effects the subconscious – where all our issues are stored. It is designed to be practiced by oneself to help 'clear' difficult issues.  Used in combination with AFP the affects are profound for both client and practitioner.


Her experience as an academic, combined with her in depth learning and development of energetic medicinal practices make Alweena a unique figure in this field. She has successfully treated hundreds of clients with issues ranging from the physical, to the mental / emotional and spiritual. 


Please look around the website to learn about some of the issues that Alweena can help with. 



Upcoming Workshop

Shamanic Meditation Day

Embark on an inner journey to the True you discovering the inner depths, wisdom and innate healing powers of the Self.

This one day meditation day will bring you on a journey to accessing realms of non-ordinary reality and provide you with tools and techniques which help empower you and deepen your relationship with yourself, others and  your environment.

Outline of day:

  • Learn how to go on a shamanic journey
  • Connect with your Spirit Guide and Power Animal
  • Engage in therapeutic breath work
  • Dialogue with your inner self and Spirit guides
  • Participate in Spiritual Ceremony

Each one day workshop is specifically design for the group of people who attend. Although there may be a general theme for each day, it is tailored to meet the needs of each individual and the needs of the group as a whole. This workshop creates a sacred space for deep healing (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual), clearing and personal introspection.

Date: Sunday 29th November 2015
Location: HOLLY HOUSE, Spring Gardens Lane, Keighley BD20 6LE
Cost: £120.00
To Book: alweena1@aol.co.uk 07751529731

Barry Drew Psychotherapist & Shaman www.barraodraoi.com

Shamanic Drumming Meditation Afternoon

A chance to get into a deep state of meditation and then to receive individual hands on healing. 

Enjoy the deep and soothing sounds of the Shamanic Drum as itr brings you into a deep and relaxed and meditative state.

Assists with; stress, fear, anxiety, physical pain, concentration, clear thinking and more.

Date: Saturday 28th November 2015
Time: 2pm - 4.30pm 
Location: 219 Stamford Road, Lees, OL4 3NJ
Cost: £20.00

Date: Saturday 28th November 2015
Time: 7pm - 9.30pm
Location: 21 Cleasby Road, Menston, Ilkley, LS29 6JE
Cost: £20.00



"Got home safe. Think I flew home. Even had to check mid journey to check if I put my shoes on. What a fantastic night. He is brilliant."

"Barry Drew is truly amazing!! I felt like I was sitting round a large fire with a tribe of peaceful warriors, all in tune with the sacred drum beat! Thank you Barry xxx"