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Harmonising symbol helps to harmonise the energy of the house.

Individually made to order they are on sale at £20 plus postage and packing.


"Dr Alweena is a gifted healer and teacher. She has knowledge blended with a real passion to create a wonderful healing experience, a unique combination to my knowledge. Alweena is able to approach those who she works with with an understanding that few have and she delivers care with openness and real passion to create wellness . I have no problem recommending her."

"Anxiety and worry Just climbed Kinder. It took us 5+ hours . Beautiful and I would not have been able to do this without your help Alweena. You have made such a difference. I have had a great week. I have let the thoughts come and go and I have loosened my hold on worry. Thank you love to you and God bless. "

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